Unnamed resolution on the Wichita Mountains, Oklahoma, and the Fort Sill Artillery Training Center

WHEREAS the Wichita Mountains area of Oklahoma is a unique biotic and geological area, and

WHEREAS part of this area has been dedicated to the perpetuation of endangered species of North American big game, particularly the American Bison, by individuals who purchased the land and deeded it to the Federal Government in trust forever for this express purpose, and

WHEREAS its scenery, lakes, and other features provide a recreational area in a region where other recreational facilities are not available,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the American Society of Mammalogists at its 35th annual meeting at Los Angeles, deplores the attempt of the Department of Defense to obtain transfer of a part of this refuge for the purpose of enlarging the Fort Sill Artillery Training Center and that the Department of the Interior be urged to refuse the granting of this transfer of title.