• Brad R. Blood
  • Alicia V. Linzey
  • Brock McMillan
  • David J. Schmidly
  • Mike R. Willig

History and Mission

The Development Committee was established as an ad hoc committee in 1989 and became a standing committee in 1993 (Gill and Wozencraft, 1994). The mission of the committee is to promote the development of the Society through various forms of planned giving such as bequests, trusts, and gifts of cash or other assets. Coordination is required with other committees and informal groups that have related functions.


Committee members may write personal letters inviting members to become Patron Members of the Society.

One member of the Committee will coordinate the annual auction and related social activities. Committee members may work to obtain grants for the Future Mammalogists Fund and the Latin American Student Field Research Fund and for support of new fellowships. Committee members may work to obtain grants from foundations and industry for use by other committees such as the Program committee.

The Development Committee activated the Pooled-Income Fund in 1998.

Bob Sikes may be contacted if you want information, or to make suggestions, or to volunteer your help (