Committees Keep ASM Functioning

The ASM Committees are an integral and vital part of our organization. Through the efforts of committee members, we are able to accomplish a wide variety of tasks which help to further the science of Mammalogy as a whole. Scroll down and pick a committee below for complete information.


Grants and

Logistics Committees



Archives Animal Care and Use
African Research Fellowship Communications Biodiversity
Black and Indigenous Scholars in Mammalogy Award Coordination Conservation
Cameron Award IDEA Development
Murie Family Conservation Award Mammal Images Library Education and Graduate Students
Grants-in-Aid Membership Marine Mammals
Honoraria and Travel Awards Office of the Ombudspersons Nomenclature
Kaufman Award Strategic Planning Public Education
Latin American Fellowship Program Systematic Collections
James L. Patton Award Publications Advisory Board  
Pearson Award Resolutions  
Student Science Policy Award    


Aldo Leopold Award    
Joseph Grinnell Award    
Honorary Membership    
Hartley Jackson Award    
J. Mary Taylor Award    
C. Hart Merriam Award