Publications Advisory Board

About the Committee


Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Mammalogy

Managing Editor, Journal of Mammalogy

Journal of Mammalogy Associate Editors

  • Christina M. Davy
  • Elizabeth A. Flaherty
  • Jennifer K. Frey
  • Deyan Ge
  • Aaron C. Greenville
  • Melissa T.R. Hawkins
  • Loren D. Hayes
  • Ellen Hines
  • Christopher N. Jacques
  • Thomas S. Jung
  • Karen E. Mabry
  • Michael R. McGowen
  • Ricardo Moratelli
  • Alessio Mortelliti
  • Jorge Ortega Reyes
  • Jonathan Pauli
  • Alexandre Reis Percequillo
  • Neville Pillay
  • Rafael Reyna-Hurtado
  • Kevin C. Rowe
  • John S. Scheibe
  • Timothy J. Smyser
  • Thomas E. Tomasi
  • Guiming Wang
  • Patrick Zollner

Journal of Mammalogy Associate Editor for Special Features

Editor-in-Chief, Mammalian Species

Mammalian Species Associate Editors

  • Christine Cooper
  • Anderson Feijó
  • David M. Leslie
  • Pamela R. Owen
  • Ulyses Pardiñas
  • Sergio A. Solari

Associate Editor for Language Coordination

  • Virginia Hayssen

History and Mission

The Publications Advisory Board, formerly the Publications Committee, was one of the original committees formed in 1919, testimony to the importance the Society places on its publication efforts. This committee oversees the Society's publications, including the Journal of Mammalogy, Mammalian Species, Special Publications, and occasional additional projects such as membership lists and indices.


The committee sets editorial policy for the ASM, nominates new editors for approval by the Board of Directors, and manages the publication budget. The committee is composed almost entirely of current editors, who can be divided into two groups: those involved in reviewing and accepting papers and those involved in the technical production of the publications.