Marine Mammals

About the Committee



  • Dee Allen
  • Robert L. Brownell Jr.
  • Christopher A. Callahan
  • Jim P. Dines
  • Kathleen M. Dudzinski
  • Holly H. Edwards
  • Michael McGowen
  • Thomas J. McIntyre
  • Daniel K. Odell
  • Charles W. Potter
  • Steve R. Sheffield
  • Emma E. Smith

History and Mission

The Marine Mammals Committee was formed in 1921 under the Chairship of E. W. Nelson. It is the longest-standing active committee of the American Society of Mammalogists. Its mission is to maintain and encourage interest in marine mammals in the ASM, to provide the society membership with information about marine mammalogy, including conservation and legislative issues, to spearhead resolutions and legislation involving marine mammals, and to serve as a liaison between ASM and the Society for Marine Mammalogy (SMM). Members of the Marine Mammals Committee are frequently active in both ASM and SMM.


Projects of the Marine Mammals Committee have included linkage of ASM and SMM home pages, encouragement of marine mammalogist participation at the ASM annual meetings, planning for a symposium on a marine mammal topic at annual meetings, and discussion of criteria that the committee should apply in proposing resolutions or requesting action by the ASM executive.