2018 ASM Fellowship - Brooks Kohli

Mr. Kohli was a NOAA Hollings Scholar, was the recipient of the ASM Annie M. Alexander Award, and has received numerous other grants, scholarships, and awards. He has published work from his dissertation, master’s thesis, and undergraduate research in journals such as Ecography, Journal of Biogeography, and Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, and has presented at national and international meetings.  He has also held several positions with wildlife management agencies and was a Curatorial Assistant at the Museum of Southwestern Biology.  Mr. Kohli has been an active member of ASM since 2010, serving on the Biodiversity Committee and Informatics Committee, and presenting at the annual meeting multiple years.

Mr. Kohli’s dissertation integrates field work, museum records, and ecomorphology to investigate community assembly, diversity gradients, and change in small mammal communities over the last century in the Great Basin. He applies a multi-dimensional perspective of diversity (functional, phylogenetic, taxonomic dimensions) to uncover drivers of community structure and dynamics. He plans to use ASM Fellowship funding as support during the final year of his dissertation and to attend meetings where he can share his work with regional stakeholders in the Great Basin.