Unnamed Resolution on Minimizing Injury to Wildlife from Pesticide Use

WHEREAS, the President's Science Advisory Committee on Use of Pesticides reports that approximately one acre out of 12 of the land area within the 48 contiguous states is treated annually with pesticides; and

WHEREAS, The President's Science Advisory Committee feels that the existing Federal advisory and coordinating mechanisms are inadequate to provide clear assignments of responsibility for control of pesticide use; and
WHEREAS, The President's Committee recommends a review of present and proposed Federal control and eradication programs to determine if some programs should be modified or terminated; and
WHEREAS, many kinds of insect-control programs have produced substantial mortalities among birds and mammals; and
WHEREAS, legislation has been introduced in the Congress to minimize injury to fish and wildlife from pesticide use (S. 1251) and to provide for advance consultation with the Fish and Wildlife Service and with State wildlife agencies before beginning any Federal program involving the use of pesticides or other chemicals designed for mass biological controls (S. 1250);
Now, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the American Society of Mammalogists endorse the objectives of S. 1250 and S. 1251 introduced by Senator Neuberger and others and that the Congress pass legislation to provide greater protection for man and our valuable animal resources from pesticides as recommended by the President's Science Advisory Committee; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the recommendations in the report of the President's Committee be implemented without delay.