Resolution Supporting Efforts in Conserving the Lion Tamarin

WHEREAS, Adelmar F. Coimbra-Filho, Director Departamento de Conservacao Ambiental, FEEMA, Brazil, has been the major force in conservation of the lion tamarins, genus Leontopithecus Lesson, in Brazil, and these efforts have included designing and establishing the lion tamarin "bank", Parque Nacional de Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, rediscovering the rare Leontopithecus rosalia chrysopygus (Mikan), serving as the key force in establishing reserves for L. r. rosalia (L.) and L. r. chrysomelas (Kuhl), and the current establishment of the Primate Center of Rio de Janeiro;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the American Society of Mammalogists commend and congratulate Coimbra-Filho and the cooperating agencies of the nation of Brazil and the State of Rio de Janeiro for their notable efforts to conserve this rare and endangered genus of marmoset.