Unnamed Resolution concerning Capture of Small Cetaceans for Display, Scientific, and Educational Purposes

WHEREAS, the pursuit and capture of small cetaceans (porpoises, dolphins, and killer whales) for display, scientific and educational purposes is increasing; and

WHEREAS, at least six killer whales were killed by paralytic or tranquilizing drugs, harpoons, or nets in attempts to capture them in Puget Sound, Washington; and

WHEREAS, this treatment of these marine mammals has aroused strong public feeling; and

WHEREAS, other operations involving the capture of small cetaceans are conducted in waters off Florida and California; and

WHEREAS, local populations of these mammals may be adversely affected by continuous pursuit and attrition; and

WHEREAS, there are no national or state regulations which protect small cetaceans;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the American Society of Mammalogists urges the United States Secretary of the Interior, the Canadian Minister of Mines and Natural Resources, and the Direccion General de Pesca of Mexico to formulate regulations that could be adopted by the states or provinces for the protection and conservation of small cetaceans in those waters within the territorial boundaries of their countries and protect them from their nationals on the high seas.