2021 ASM Fellowship - Dana Green

Dana Green has been a member of the ASM since 2015, and has attended every in-person meeting since joining the society. She was elected as a student representative for the ASM in 2017, and elected as a regular BOD member in 2020. Additionally she serves on the Informatics and Conservation Committee, and in 2021 was asked to join the ASM Vision Committee.  Along with the ASM Fellowship, Dana has been the recipient of the ASM Student in Science Policy Award, the E.O. Wilson Conservation Award from the Animal Behaviour Society, and funded a three year project through Environment and Climate Change Canada. Dana has published in journals such as the Journal of Mammalogy and Comparative Physiology among others, and a book chapter in 50 Years of Bat Research.

Dana’s thesis work focuses on understanding the community ecology and movements of migratory bats in North America. The hoary (Lasiurus cinereus) and silver-haired bat (Lasionycteris noctivagans) can both migrate long distances, however they are not closely related and exhibit differences in wing morphologies indicative of foraging behaviour, suggesting that they occupy different niches in their ecosystems. Dana’s research will answer two questions: 1) How do two migratory bats partition resources to meet their requirements? 2) Are bats using landscape-level features to navigate for migration?