2020 African Graduate Student Research Fund Award - Valorian Douatsop

Valorian Douatsop is a master's student in Ecology and Wildlife Management at the University of Dschang (Cameroon) studying the ecology of Africa’s most elusive cat species, the African golden cat. Specifically, he is investigating the primary direct and indirect threats leading to the decline of the species using rapid camera-trap surveys. He will also survey bushmeat markets and illegal local wildlife trading hubs to better understand the magnitude of the role of indiscriminate snaring on African golden cat populations. Valorian will use funds from his award to pay for travel and accommodation to and from his field sites. Results from his work will provide the first baseline data on African golden cats in Cameroon, including estimates of abundance/density and occupancy. Results will enable the establishment of a database of prices in key consumer markets to understand demand demographics and attitudes and to inform the development of improved demand-reduction strategies.