2019 Hornaday Award - Clayton Lamb

The 2019 recipient of the William T. Hornaday award is Clayton Lamb, a PhD candidate, Vanier Scholar, and Weston Fellow at The University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He works at the interface of population ecology, carnivore-human co-existence, and wildlife management. His research focuses on identifying the causes and consequences of changes in mammalian populations, using diverse species such as pika, wolverine, and grizzly bear. Clayton currently has more than 15 peer-reviewed publications and several other reports and non-peer-reviewed articles. Some of his work has been used to support high-profile conservation efforts, such as an IUCN assessment of brown bears, a true testament to the quality of their research.  It is worth noting that Clayton was independently nominated by multiple groups, further proof that his work is making an impact.