2017 ASM Fellowship - Anne-Marie Hodge

The ASM Fellowship is the highest award made to a graduate student member of our Society. The award is intended to recognize current outstanding accomplishments in Mammalogy, service to ASM, as well as the potential for a productive, future role in professional Mammalogy. This year the award is $10,000. The recipient of the 2017 American Society of Mammalogists Fellowship is Anne-Marie Hodge from the University of Wyoming.

Ms. Hodge has received a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and a NASA Space Grant Fellowship, in addition to numerous other grants and awards. She has published multiple papers from her dissertation, master’s thesis, and an REU project. She also has an impressive record of writing for a general audience, with several pieces published in Scientific American, and has been the primary instructor for an undergraduate mammalogy class at the University of Wyoming. She has been a member of ASM since 2008, is a founding member of the African Graduate Student Field Research Fund committee, and has given multiple presentations at ASM meetings. She organized a crowd funding campaign to support the African Graduate Student Field Research Fund, and has reviewed for Journal of Mammalogy.

Ms. Hodge’s research focuses on interactions between native small mammals and invasive plants in Kenya, and she plans to use ASM Fellowship funding to collect additional data on the effects of a biocontrol campaign on diet shifts in olive baboons.