2014 Jackson Award - Daniel Odell

The 2014 recipient of the Hartley H. T. Jackson Award for service to ASM is Daniel Odell, recently retired from Hubbs−SeaWorld Research Institute where he was a Senior Research Scientist.  His research interests are in natural history of small cetaceans and habitat use and feeding behavior of bottlenose dolphins

Dan Odell has actively served on committees for most of the years he has been an ASM member.  Dan has been a member of 8 different committees—for periods of 8−35 years each—with an accumulated total of 128 committee years.  During the 2013-2014 year, he served on 7 committees, more than any other member.  Committee chairs with whom he has worked invariably describe him as a quiet, conscientious committee member who does more than his share.  His responsibilities have been varied.  On the Marine Mammal Committee, during the times he was chair, one of his responsibilities was to write position papers for controversial issues, some of which were placed in evidence in government lawsuits.  He is also a member (and a founder) of the Society for Marine Mammalogy and has served as a bridge between that organization and ASM.  On the Informatics Committee one of his responsibilities has been to handle the hundreds of inquiries which come into the website.  His efforts on the Program Committee have contributed significantly to the smooth selection of workshops and symposia for our annual meeting.  On the Animal Care and Use Committee, which recently prepared ASM guidelines on care and use of wild mammals, Dan provided a perspective on marine mammals which no other committee member had.  Similarly, on the Grants-in-Aid Committee his knowledge has been critical in assessing grant applications dealing with marine mammals.  His background and general conscientious approach have also been valuable to Conservation Awards, Legislation and Regulations, and Public Education committees. 

For his outstanding service to the American Society of Mammalogists we recognize Daniel K. Odell with the 2014 Hartley H.T. Jackson Award.