Unnamed Resolution on creating a National Park or Wildlife Sanctuary at Scammon’s Lagoon, Sonora, Mexico

WHEREAS, the majority of gray whales bear their calves in three lagoon complexes on the west coast of Mexico; and

WHEREAS, there is evidence to indicate that this whale will desert its breeding lagoons under the pressure of human disturbance; and

WHEREAS, the recovery of the gray whale population required several decades of protection; and

WHEREAS, harassment and killing of mother whales and calves through the use of heli- copters and motor boats for research purposes by American Nationals has taken place on at least three occasions since 1965; and

WHEREAS, these research projects apparently were not given critical advance review by competent marine mammalogists and there was no necessity for conducting these experiments on the gray whale on its calving grounds rather than on other species; and

WHEREAS, there is concern that if this harassment of gray whales continues and increases, serious damage to the population is almost certain to occur;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the American Society of Mammalogists deplores the activities that have occurred in Laguna Ojo de Liebre ("Scammon's Lagoon") and Laguna San Ignacio; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the American Society of Mammalogists offers counsel to the Government of Mexico in creating a national park or wildlife sanctuary, preferably at least one lagoon (Laguna Ojo de Liebre), where gray whales can breed unmolested, and in reviewing future research proposals.