Unnamed Resolution concerning Serengeti National Park

WHEREAS plans are being considered for deproclaiming all of the central portion of Serengeti National Park, retaining only Ngorongoro Crater on the east and a widely-separated area of bush on the west; and

WHEREAS this action if carried out would extinguish any opportunity of preserving one of the greatest remaining aggregations of African wildlife with dubious permanent benefit to the native people; and

WHEREAS summary annihilation of Serengeti National Park would lead inevitably to the weakening of the wildlife preservation structure throughout the British sphere of influence on the African continent;

THEREFORE, be it resolved that the American Society of Mammalogists requests that Her Majesty's Government and particularly the Ministry for Colonies and Native Affairs give this matter the most serious study in order to find alternate means for assisting the natives without affecting the usefulness of Serengeti National Park as a wildlife sanctuary.