American Society of Mammalogists Fellowship in Mammalogy Instructions

Before starting the application process gather the following application materials. Pay attention to length limits.

  • Curriculum vita - 3-5 pages in length, but must include the following sections; peer-reviewed publications; other publications; presentations to professional meetings; research grants; memberships in professional societies; honors and awards; professional service
  • Arrange for three letters of recommendation to be sent to¬†or submitted through the ASM webpage. One letter must be from your research advisor. If they submit via email, please make sure your advisor and other providers of letters of recommendation include your name in the subject line of the e-mail.
  • Names and contact information for 3 people who you have asked to provide letters in support of your applications (one of these must be your present research advisor).
  • Summary of professional experience in mammalogy, research interests, and career goals. Limited to 1 page.
  • Abstract for thesis or dissertation research. Limited to 150 words.
  • Brief statement describing how you would use any support from ASM. Limited to 1 page.
  • Description of thesis or dissertation research project organized under the following headings: Title, Introduction, Objectives, Methods, Present Status of the Research (including preliminary results), Significance, and Literature Cited. Limited to 5 pages, double spaced, however, Literature Citations may be included on additional pages.