Host Resolution - 57th Annual Meeting, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan

WHEREAS, the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Mammalogists at its 57th session at Michigan State University, 18-23 June 1977, has been an outstanding success from an intellectual as well as a social and sensual standpoint, through the tremendous diligence of Rollin H. Baker and his numerous devoted associates; and

WHEREAS, we have been treated to such local delights as Lizards Underground and such imported ones as MacIntyres Aboveground, and seen to the successful initiation of our deliberations by providing a sumptuous repast of barbecued owls; and

WHEREAS, our future scientific efforts have received such diverse heuristic stimulation as how to grab skunks, pleasures of the pouch persuasion, and the effect of reproduction of the demise of males; and

WHEREAS, the high and sustained level of intellectual excitement achieved at the technical sessions was well matched by both the nightly decibel level attained in the dormitory halls and by the level of spirits, both social and fluid which flowed copiously and enduringly in the well planned intraspecific behavioral interaction sessions, and

WHEREAS, our stay at Michigan State University was made more enjoyable at every turn by the courteous and efficient attention of Rollin Baker and his staff, who in addition to their friendly ministrations saw to the provision of lovely weather for our gathering;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the members and guests of the American Society of Mammalogy in attendance at the 57th Annual Meeting extend their hearty and sincere thanks to Rollin Baker, his staff, and the officials of MSU for making the event a memorable, stimulating, and profitable one which will endure in our memories for many years.