Legislation and Regulations

About the Committee



  • R. Terry Bowyer
  • Virgil Brack, Jr.
  • Adam W. Ferguson
  • Dianna Krejsa
  • Daniel K. Odell
  • Eric A. Rickart
  • Steve R. Sheffield
  • Dale W. Sparks
  • Ernie W. Valdez

History and Mission

The Legislation and Regulations Committee was formed in 1976 to monitor and provide input into the state and federal regulation and legislation process on such issues as endangered species, trapping and harvesting regulations, and the use of animals for experimental purposes. The committee also interacts with the legislative monitoring groups of AIBS.


The Legislation and Regulations Committee keeps officers, board members, and committee chairs informed of new laws and changes in laws, legislation, and regulations at the level of the state and federal government that may affect the activities and operation of the Society.