Inclusion of the ASM President as co-author on a forthcoming article on the US-Mexico border wall

Dear Fellow Mammalogists,

Yesterday, I received a letter addressed to myself, Doug Kelt, and Felisa Smith as President, President Elect, and Vice President, respectively, of the ASM. The letter asked if we would consider signing on to an article currently in press with BioScience regarding scientific concerns about potential impacts of a US-Mexico border wall on biodiversity. We reviewed this article and found it entirely consistent with ASM's own resolution on this same topic as approved by the membership at our annual meeting just last year. After our initial review, I placed the matter before the other ASM Officers for further consideration. Agreement was unanimous among the Officers that this effort was worthy of support. Accordingly, I have included my name among the signatories, with ASM listed as my affiliation. I will note that the current author line of more than 2000 names includes such luminaries as E.O. Wilson, Thomas Lovejoy, Michael Soule, and Gerardo Ceballos. 
I bring this to your attention now so that you will have advance access to this article and so that you will know how we, as your representatives for the ASM, view this critical topic.
I look forward to seeing many of you at our annual meeting in Manhattan in a few days!

Robert S. Sikes
President, American Society of Mammalogists