Field Course Professor Summer 2021

Coe College Wilderness Field Station

The Coe College Wilderness Field Station is in search of a mammalogist to teach our Conservation and Ecology of Mammals field course in northern  Minnesota. The course introduces biology students to field ecology of mammals  of the boreal-transition forests, with an emphasis on ecology and  conservation. Methods in data collection on mammals are demonstrated, and  students may perform significant independent projects. Students access the  surrounding Superior National Forest and also journey into the Boundary  Waters Canoe Area Wilderness by canoe to facilitate their studies. Mammals one might encounter and work with include moose, black bear, grey wolf, a  number of mustelids, a number of sciurid rodents, beaver, muskrat, voles, and  mice. Bats seem few and far between.
Our ideal instructor will have canoe-camping experience, experience mentoring undergraduates in field projects, and a willingness explore the wilderness around the field station investigating the daily lives of the mammals there.

Preferred: knowledge of the mammals of the state of Minnesota or the boreal transition forests, and ecology of these areas. Significant experience canoe  camping.
Required: Prior experience teaching mammalogy in some form (experienced graduate students welcome to apply). Must be comfortable in the field and  willing to lead undergraduates in the field. Must be willing and able to canoe safely, and willing and able to camp in rough conditions.
Email director Jesse Ellis for more information on applying.