Steno bredanensis (Cetacea: Delphinidae)

West, K. L., J. G. Mead, and W. White

Steno bredanensis (Cuvier in Lesson, 1828) is a small odontocete commonly called the rough-toothed dolphin. A slender, gray dolphin with a slightly darker cape, this species is most easily distinguished from other small delphinids by a gradually sloping forehead and a long rostrum. It is the only species in the genus Steno. Despite reports of sightings or stranded specimens from all tropical and subtropical oceans, the species is thought to typically occur in low abundance. The conservation status of S. bredanensis is poorly known.

West, K. L., J. G. Mead, and W. White. 2011. Steno bredanensis (Cetacea: Delphinidae). Mammalian Species 43(886):177-189.